Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder (also know as manic depression) is a serious mental illness. People who suffer from Bipolar Disorder experience extremehighs and lows, from manic states, to depressive states. The escalated mood swings can last for weeks or even months, severely affecting sufferers and the people around them. The disturbances causedby Bipolar Disorder are unavoidable and need to be properly treated with the right medication, so that the patient can lead a healthy and normal lifestyle. Left untreated, bipolar will undoubtedly,gradually worsen. The suicide rate among those with Bipolar Disorder is disturbingly high.
Bipolar disorder cannot be fully cured; it will be with a person for their entire life. Treatment withboth pharmaceutical drugs and psychotherapy play the most important roles in the management of Bipolar Disorder. Proper treatment will reduce the frequency and intensity of the manic and depressivestates so that individuals with Bipolar Disorder can spend more time in periods of remission.
During the manic phases of Bipolar Disorder a person may experience euphoria, escalated feelings ofself esteem and self worth, poor judgment, an inflated ego, aggressive behavior, inability to concentrate, increased sexual desires and a decreased need for sleep. During the depressive phases of BipolarDisorder a person will experience extreme sadness, suicidal thoughts, guilt, regrets, a general feeling of hopelessness and despair, loss of interest in daily life and increased fatigue.People with Bipolar Disorder often spend a great amount of time living with their illness before being properly diagnosed. Bipolar Disorder is most often misdiagnosed as
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depression,because the symptoms are similar and can therefore be confused. When a person is suspected to have Bipolar Disorder, a doctor will run a variety of different tests. A psychical exam, a variety of...
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