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The Mexican Revolution

The Mexican revolution is has been celebrated in our country since November 20, 1910, one hundred years before, mexicans undertook a revolutionary fight to put out thespanish imperialism, but one hundred years later, this nation wasn’t governed by foreign monarchs, as back then, if not, by a dictator whose name was Porfirio Díaz, who stayed in the power for thity threeyears.
People planed an armed movement to quit the president of the country because in it there wasn`t democracy.
During the thirty years in which Diaz stayed in power, citizens couldn’t chooseanother president because a people little group owned the power, the social inequality was evident, the rich people was more rich day by day living in palaces european style, and the poor people werepoorer, they tried to survive in small huts, but another class borned: the middle class troug wich increased their wealths.

The Heros and people who fougth now are very important, because they set usin freedom.
Since we are free of the bad government, we have been happier.
This day is celebrated in all country and people of the capitals states and the schools make celebrations in their towncenter.
The kindergarden children disguise themselves, girls wear long skirts, and boys wear chinstraps and carry arms.
In May 21, 1911 the Ciudad Juarez agreements were celebrated by Porfirio Diaz andpeople who participated in the battles of the war. In that agreement the Porfirio Diaz`s and Ramon Corral resignation was acepted afther their government which stayed by 33 days. In May 25, theyresigned to their positions, marking the Porfiriato’s end.
Porfirio Díaz leaved the capital and then he boarded a ship in Veracruz to Europe, in where he died in July 2, 1915 in Paris City.


The pollution is a big problem in our planet, every day it is increased more and more, a kind of it is the air pollution.
Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate, or...
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