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Dear Mr. Vance:
We are glad to learn that you have recovered
fromthe explosion and will be in to see us.
`However, our interest in Ozite cannot be re-`
`vivedby all the eloquence in the world.`
Kane Glenn, Jr.
`l; nail; bail; fail; mail; ail; oil; all;ill; l; l; nail; b`
`op opera opens chops slope hope mope stop shop op op opera o``hedid he and he put he may he saw he got he told he did he `
`canhe may he and hefcrhe did he say he for him can he may`
`hewill he says he gave he said he took he is the he will he`
`when he that he wish he sure he then he for he is when heth`
`isif it in no at ax as am ah aw ad no by my me no is if it `
`beme hewe reno us up pi no do so lo ho go to no be me he `
DearMr. Vance:
I admit that I am quite impressed by the way
`you refuse to give up on Ozite. You are one`
exceptionalsalesman. How would you like to
joinOUR staff and sell OUR products?
Kane Glenn, Jr.
`poxhim beg jot zip via sin ask fed cry qua lo we pox himbe`
`partview frog next dime just quit cabs yolk haze partviewf`
Quickly pick up the box withfive dozen gum jars. Quickly pi
Dear Miss Queen:
It was kind of you to correct the index
toour club handbook for us. The job needed
tobe done. All the men realize what a fine
taskyou did and are very grateful.
Paul J. West
`fivehigh worm quid back lazy boys axle join port fivehighw`
`minkdove taxi jump bowl size figs hour quit clay minkdovet`
`silkdaze hymn upontext rave flag wick aqua jobs silkdazeh`
`bandgave rest quip lazy joke from axis what race bandgaver`
`worksuch them city dial hand pans maid held pays worksucht`
`boththan make with keys duel soap form half dusk boththanm`
`whenmane town maps form lake roam dorm lamb then whenmanet`
`downfirm turn duty auto wish goal paid half rush downfirmt`
The blue-green mat is themost up-to-date design. The blue-g
`The shadow—-that of a man, I believe—faded away. The shadow-`
Dear Miss Queen:
The men in the club believe they should
extendmore than just thanks to you for fix-
ingthe index for us. So, by way of a bonus
prize, a little gift is on its way.
Paul J. West
Few men can say the lazy boy can run his car far. Fewmenca
John will keep the six dogs very quiet this week. Johnwillk
aqla aqla alla alla alal alal all ll and lll,lll aqla aqla a
`ll arts ll axes ll aims ll almsllacesl.lll:llllartsll`
`We need ll pairs of size ll shoes for the ll men. We need 11`
`sw2s sw2s s22s s22s s2s2 s2s2 all 222 and 112,122 sw2s sw2ss`
22 sons 22 sums 22 seas 22 sips 22 suns 2.22 2:22 22 sons 22The 12 men and the 22 boys played 122 full games. The 12 men
Of the 122 who paid, only 11 or 12 were children. Of the 122
About 112 caught the 12:12 train on Track No. 21.About 112c
33 dads 33 dips 33 dues 33 dots 33 dogs 3.13 3:13 33 dads 33
Did the 3 men catch 31 or 33 fish in the 13 days? Did the 3
`fr4f fr4f f44f f44f f4f4 f4f4 all 444 and 123,441 fr4f fr4ff`
44furs 44fins 44 fish 44 fell 44 flew 4.14 4:14 44 furs 44
The 44 boys lost only 14 of their 144 golf games. The 44 boy
Of the 43 persons attending, 34 placed orders. Of the 43p
The orders of the 34 came to about 112 pounds. The orders
Of the 34 persons, 12 ordered 2 or more boxes. Of the 34p
Joe and the six new men may now quitfor the day. Joe andth
Eve will come back when they play that maze game. Eve will c
`To get lll, add up 1 and 11 and 22 and 33 and 44. To getlll`
Dear Mr. Quigley:
If we could get the six crews in train-
ingby May 3 or 4 instead of June 1 or 2, we
mighthave a chance to take first prize this
year. Does May 3 or 4 seem to be too early?
Ed Steele
May 11 and 12,...
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