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I've always wondered.. is it about the other person or is it about us?
Looks simple but is not.
We think normally that we are jealous or feel jealous bcuz of course we love/like that person and wewant them to ourselves and we want them to be ONLY for ourselves and that that is the greatest proof of love, to care so much about someone that we cant stand them sharin themselves with someone else(being sharin something as far as their body or as little as just talkin) and there's all types of jealousy the one that makes u angry about ur friends hangin out with another friend or the i'mkilling people cuz he aint mine kind of jealousy.
And then i thought.. isnt jealousy about ourselves? isnt it about our pride and selfsteem?
Because being jealous normally means that u want the attentionsomeone else is getting, any type of attention, even a smile can make u jealous cuz is something that u want and someone else is getting.
Isnt that about YOU and not THEM? how is jealousy an act oflove or friendship.. when all we think about is.. ourselves? Jealousy can be a tricky thing to live with
I'm one to think every sinner judge everyone else for their own sins.. since i have made a lotof mistakes in my life, im always jealous afraid the "comes around" part.
But truth is, i'm always jealous and normally is about the attention but some other times is just being important to someoneelse makes u special and that is a feeling we all enjoy and then comes jealousy.. I'm always jealous that is my sin, i just don't ever show it (yeah that's news all right) but something i can say formyself is this:
I never make a scene out of it (i've had my share of scenes in this life i try to avoid it now) and i've never acted on it. Jealousy is some powerful sin, u can destroy people justlike that out of jealousy.. DON'T n more often than not ur gonna get it even worse.

Just thinkin..
Love: Sese.
Ps: i'm always more jealous of friends than boyfriends just so u know, that's why...
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