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When we say brand, we are not only talking about a name or a style, we are talking about what defines the entire organization. Branding offers promises to its customers and gives personality and life to the products in order that customers can distinguish what companies are offering. Branding also differentiates one particular product from its competition. Branding is a unique andconsistent look, feel, tone and voice for all communications, for example when a person hears of a brand, it will expect a certain level of quality and satisfaction from its products. It makes into the customers to distinguish the attributes of the organization and overtime it builds awareness of the brand, shaping attitudes towards the organization. Branding strengthens the impact of all messagesand helps to origin new customers relationships accompanied by the greatest commitment of the employees as well.

The concept of branding have a few key elements all companies need to emphasize in order to create a strong branding. Starting with the name a brand choose, the logo and the tagline. The tagline must to be unique, brief, memorable and the most important, honest. And the logo must tobe unique also; representative of what the brand is offering and appealing to the target audience. This helps customers to identify the brand easily and remember it for instance when just reading the slogan or when seeing the logo somewhere.

Secondly the brand position, where brands need to emphasize their core values and differentiations, basically they need to describe the organization anddecide where the brand is going to be positioned within the different categories of the market and its competitors. The brand’s core values that offer need to be consistent with what customers actually receive in order that customer can trust the brand and believe in them.

The other key factor is the brand promise, this is very important because is what the market is going to expect from thebrand and is how the brand is going to be remembered. This aspect must to be unique and different from its competitors in order to get the buyer attention constantly and permanently. It also must to create desire and positive emotions among the members.

Brand personality is also a key element; personality means how it is wanted the brand to be known as, fun, serious, magical or strong. Basically,the feeling and how people perceive the brand and how they feel about it.

The brand tone is also important because when the brands communicate a message to the social groups, is how people are going to perceive the message they are communicating. The tone could be perceived for instance serious, humble, soft, etc. That is why brands need to know very well themselves in order to choose theright tone to express their messages and the best that fit with them and not to make customers to perceive the message wrongly causing a different image of the brand they wanted to show.

The brand story is the next one, telling how the products and services have been growing over the time, and showing the brand’s background and what impact they want to have with its products is also a key elementfor branding. Customers must see that the brand has been succeeded over the time and evolving, changing with the time so customers appreciate the brands’ actions during its business.

Brand associations, the last key factors that brands need to emphasize is anything that customers can associate with the brand, images, colors, taglines, etc. Anytime customers that see these associations of thebrand, it must be caused on them a positive feeling, thought, something nice to remember about.

Moreover of these key elements, brands also need to develop the four pillars that help to building brands. The first pillar is the differentiation, doing something different and distinctive than the competitors in order to stand out and catch up the attention of the customers, when targeting the...
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