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Within the wide range of medicinal plants is Aloe Vera, which can be obtained many healing properties.

It is a perennial plant, native of South Africa,also cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries.
Some of its healing properties are: Digestive, laxative, purgative, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, revitalizingand regenerating the skin, helps wounds are not infected, as sunscreen, etc.

Of all the healing properties of this plant has developed a natural cream with Aloe Vera, for external use, in itsmembership also includes other natural products, but within which the main component is the Aloe, reaping the benefits in the skin, the most remarkable is its power of penetration in the 3 layers of theskin: dermis, epidermis and subcutis. This is due to a substance that carries the Aloe Vera, lignin, is one of the most sought cosmetic properties.

The vast majority of cosmetic creams, both economicand market the most expensive fail there, his performance is very superficial level, in many cases only oil the face, do not reach the deeper layers to hydrate.


- This type ofproject, it should disclose to learn about the different types of medicinal plants, their characteristics and uses, it can be an economical alternative and safer, to help heal the different types ofdiseases known to man.

- To take into account this type of research, to serve as an investigative contribution of the advantages and disadvantages of using medicinal plants and their healingproperties, thus guiding people about the effects these have on the body, recognizing their different roles.

- Promote participation of students, teachers and parents to take an interest in understandingthe healing properties of plants and the reproduction of the same, in order to extend the intelligent use of them in communities, and thus in today's society.

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