Budismo & cristianismo

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Buddhism & Christianity

Starting with the similarities, Buddhism and Christianity (as well as the vast majority of religions) give more importance to “life after death” than life itself. Bothphilosophies teach that this world is fleeting and trivial and that what really matters is the existence in the afterlife. In Christianity, the after life is represented by Paradise, where the mostdevout believers are located close to God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and all the saints and angels.

In Buddhism, although the notion of life after death is different, it is stillbelieved that the actual existence of a man is a pilgrimage, in which the debt is paid, of any evil committed in the previous life and this process is achieving the perfection of the soul. Death is theend of that spiritual development and attainment of truth. Those who have reached this state will go to paradise, where there is only joy and happiness.

Another similarity is that in bothChristianity and Buddhism there is a final wish: to worship and praise God. Both beliefs go out and beyond racial or social class boundaries. For Catholics, all who believe in God and become part of theirextended family achieve eternal salvation. This logic is accentuated even more in the Buddhists, who believe that all without distinction of class or origin can achieve the highest state of virtue andbecome Buddhas, just follow the teachings and laws laid down by Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha. The thought of salvation without discrimination of any kind is what has allowed both religions to beestablished as the most widespread and greater number of followers in the world (including Islam).
Buddhist morality identifies five prohibitions: killing, stealing, adultery, lying and drunkenness, andprovides ten sins: murder, theft, fornication, lying, backbiting, slander, gossip, envy, hatred and dogmatic error, and recommends the practice of six transcendental virtues: giving, perfect love,...
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