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Buddhism is a quite different religion from others; their bases are so much different to the ones of other religion.

I personally think that Buddhism is an excellent religion it is quiteinteresting when you get into it. What mostly got my attention was that Buddhism has some like statements. The statement that got attracted my attention is the one that says the correct way is the key toextinguish suffer. This phrase or statement is so true, if we do thing as we should we would obtain better results each day.

In Buddhism there are beliefs about karma, which mainly means that if you actin a correct way you will obtain the same or better, and if you act in an inappropriate way you will have the worst things as result I totally agree with karma when I do good things and help peopleor those things. I feel good with myself and do things as proper as I can and as result some other good things arrive, and when I am angry and do things bad I do not obtain what I was waiting for.Buddhism is not based on beliefs and things like that. Mostly Buddhism is based on practices this is the main reason to keep together to all this Buddhism community. They rather prefer doing somepractice than base their religion in beliefs.

Buddhism does not talk of an only god; it is quite different to other because many other religions say that they have one god who created all things wecould see and that they create humans but personally this is such a stupid thing; that is why I think Buddhism is the correct option when choosing a religion

Meditation is mainly the most importantbase in this religion, with this practice they try to reach peace inside them, and then they try to transmit it. They try to find inside themselves a state of comfort and peace in where everything isfine and there are no things to worry. I think this is essential to have peace in world, but for example I would find difficult using this method, I am so anxious so I could not sit for hours just...
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