Bussines Plan

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Business Plan
Foundation of Tourism


Fatima Gil
Bente Broers
Marta Gallego
Carlos Romero
Marta Ortiz
Javi Escriba
José Miguel

University of Valencia
Valencia, Spain

Table of content
Introduction of the Company 3
1.1 Company Description 3
1.2 Mission 4
1.3 Vision 4
1.4 TargetGroup.........................................................................................................................5-6

Introduction of the Company
1.1 Company Description
Nowadays the way the world works changes on a daily base. Over the past decades the people of the world has interacted with each other more than ever before. Globalization has led companies to expand their businesses to foreign countries andcontinents, operating in new markets. Communication is a key factor for every company, especially those wanting to operate in a foreign country or market.
In order to come up with a business model which can be profitable in this sector of the industry, several brainstorms have been held by a team of young entrepreneurs. Several reasons which describe the life of an entrepreneur, attracted thosewho have made the team to what is it today. The fact of having the liberty, passion, skills and knowledge to be an entrepreneur rather than ‘a normal’ job remains one of the highest motivating factors for executing the proposed business plan. The team consists out of Fatima Gil, Bente Broers, Marta Gallego, Carlos Romero, Marta Ortiz, Javi Escriba and José Miguel . Each of the team members haveacquired unique set of skills and expertise during their previous work experience and education which will add value to the creation of the company.

The company’s name is “Valencia Business Week” which is also visible in the logo above. The logo has an orange, reflecting the natural resources the region of Valencia has to offer, followed by the companies name. The two attached green leavesreflect the freshness and the youth the company is built upon.
Valencia Business Week in short;
"A professional agency facilitating Spanish Business Language Courses for Companies (A) who deal with Spanish speaking companies (B), whilst it is not their native language. The Latin language, cultural habits and negotiation techniques are only several aspects which will be discussed during theparticipation of a Valencia Business Week. The focus will enhancing the Latin knowledge of the average European Business Man (age 25- 55) while being surrounded and supported by the local culture, the beautiful nature and the comfortable climate Valencia (ESP) has to offer".

1.2 Mission

The company claims that the clients who want to create a company in Valencia know how to do it it and how tocome better to the client. For it we must do that Spanish learns based on a few intensive classes, overcoat the lexical of the business and the economy. Also it must know the Valencian culture, the way of living, the typical holidays and the way of consuming that they have the Valencian ones. Also it is interesting that the client shares his experience as businessman in his country with otherclients, is a way of prospering culturally.

1.3 Vision

1.4 Target Group

Valencia Business Week (‘VBW’) aims for business companies, organizations or any kind of association that might be (or might not be yet) interested in improve their Spanish in business at the same time they make good business relations for the company. The company has specifies its target group by followingpoints:
* Business offices preferably located in business centers on Europe.
* It is expected that only the junior managers and the operational staff will attend the Valencia business weekend. As the packages are made for groups consisted of 15-25 people, Valencia Business Week will focus on the companies (or their branches) consisted of around 50 people or more as it is expected that...
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