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1. The entertainment industry
The entertainment industry is a huge business. The movie and music industries are constantly using above-the-line promotional strategies to market their latestproducts. Trailers (previews) for the latest movies and music albums are constantly being aired on television commercials, whilst posters for the latest releases appear all over glossy magazines andnewspapers. There are even dedicated internet websites, purely set up to promote the launch of a movie or music album. Most albums and movies tend to have a short life span, while a special few, such asThe Beatles albums and the Star Wars movies, have entertained people since the 1960s and 1970s respectively.
a) Describe the meaning of above-the-line promotional strategies.
a. Is a type of outdooradvertising in which the product is offered by using the technique of media sources, by using TV, magazines and newspapers.
b) Analyze the reasons for using above-the-line methods to promote moviesand music albums.
a. Because this type of product is appreciated by the sense of sight and hearing, so it will be easier to use above the line methods.
b. Also the company is targeting the market inwhich this products will appear.
c. A lot of audience seeing the commercial or the promotion. A massive audience.
d. It is an easier way to catch the attention of the people.
2. Sponsoring theFootball World Cup
Deutsche Bank claimed that the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany added a $6.75 billion extra spending in the economy. The world’s largest sporting event, as measured by globalviewers and revenue, attracts a phenomenal amount of sponsorship money. Fifteen companies paid an average of $37 million each to sponsor the event. Multinationals including Gillette, Yahoo! And Philipscan benefit enormously from sponsoring the World Cup because their products are sold all around the world. The cumulative television audience for the tournament was forecast by Forbes magazine to be...
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