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Transitional spaces in the argentinean Middle-west. Late societies of Valle Fértil, San Juan (A.D. 300-1500).
PABLO CAHIZA , MARÍA JOSÉ OTS , JUAN PABLO AGUILAR , JORGE GARCÍA 1 2 3CONICET/Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - CSDC Arizona State University; CONICET/Universidad Nacional de Cuyo; CONICET
The main interest of the project includes the widening and deepening ofarchaeological research in an transitional spaces between the Andean and Sierra areas in argentinean Northwest, Midwest and Central Sierra. We aim to define and characterize organizational, economic and politicalsmall communities ValleFértil between 300 and 1500 BC.
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1) The Valle Fértil societies during the period 300-1500 AD not present signals of hierarchical differentiation. 2) Theeconomy of these groups was configured of a component of food production -low intensity agriculture- and other hunter gatherer with exploitation of grassland and forest resources. 3) The organization ofspace was composed of residential units and special activities of small size (between 100m ² and 3000m ²). They are concentrated around or in close relationship with hidric resources, arable land andeconomic catchment areas of natural resources, especially in alluvial foothills fans of major rivers and streams. 4) Low investment in the construction of a social landscape or social space. Lowdifferentiation between public and domestic spaces. 5) The production of material goods, especially pottery, developed as domestic activities. 6) Low importance of maize and C4 plants in the paleodietisotopic analisys. High presence of small mammals and birds in the archaeofaunal remains and low incidence of camelids. 7) The development of Valle Fértil communities is a local-process with markedcontinuity and stability in the regional space occupation and without clear influences from neighboring zones, especially in the Andean area of San Juan and La Rioja.





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