Cambiar disco duro a korg d16

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Korg D16 Internal Hard Disc Drive Upgrade
Note :
I a c c e p t n o re s p o n s ib ility fo r a n y d a m a g e th a t m a y b e c a u s e d b y p e rfo rm in g th e fo llo w in g o p e ra tio n . It is n o t a n a p p ro v e d K o rg m o d ific a tio n a n d is p e rfo rm e d e n tire ly a t y o u r o w n ris k .

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You will need: #2 crosshead (Posidriv) screwdriver 11m m (7/16" ) socket-spanner or point-nosed pliers, to rem ove ‘Value Dial’ retaining nut sm all jeweler’s screwdriver or hook, to rem ove knobs hand towel (or sim ilar), to ‘cushion’ the work surface grounding strap, to elim inate static electricity sm all container, to keep sm all parts safe whilst working

Place the hand towel on the work-top, so that the top panel of the D16 is not scratched when itis inverted. You should take norm al anti-static precautions, eg. have a grounding strap connected between your wrist and an earthed (grounded) contact. Ensure you will not be disturbed, especially by children or pets. W hen you are ready ............

Rem ove the input trim and the headphone level knobs. They all just pull off but you m ay need to prise them with a sm all jeweler’s screwdriveror sm all hook.

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Korg D16 Internal Hard Disc Drive Upgrade

The Value Dial knob is rem oved in the sam e m anner as the trim knobs. Once it is rem oved you will see the retaining nut for the Value dial encoder, this should be rem oved with the 11m m ( 7/ 16" ) socket-spanner or by careful use of point-nosed pliers.

Now turn the D16 over, beingcareful not to dam age the finish to the top of the case, especially to the raised display surround.

The case is held together with 5 cross-head screws, arrowed. Unscrew them and keep them safe along with the other sm all parts already rem oved.

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Korg D16 Internal Hard Disc Drive Upgrade

Lift the bottom of the case carefully. There are twowiring loom s that connect the sm all circuit board in the lower half of the case to the m ain m other-board. The six connectors, m arked ‘B’, need to be unplugged. They can be quite tight, but need to be unplugged gently by lifting each end of the plug in turn until it is released. Fine point-nosed pliers can be useful here to lift the plug, but m ake sure you do not pull on the cables themselves. The flexible ribbon-cable, m arked ‘C’, has a different type of connector. This is released by lifting the plastic body slightly which locks the ribbon in place. Once unlocked, the cable can be pulled easily from the connector. Rem ove the two screws A1 and A2, noting that A2 secures a ground wire in place. You should now be able to carefully lift the m otherboard out of the top half of thecase. It is attached to the display panel by a short ribbon cable, which m ay be unplugged, although it is not strictly necessary to do so.

Note: The cable marked ‘X’ is not a standard Korg fitting. This wire is a result of performing the ‘Aux Send Modification’ detailed in Brian Smith’s instructions. (The documentation can be found at

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Korg D16 Internal Hard Disc Drive Upgrade

On the other side of the m otherboard you will find the four screws that hold the disc drive in place.

Rem ove these screws and then slide the drive out of its connector.

The original drive in m y D16 had two sm all pieces of adhesive fabric wrapped at the connector end.

These form sm all, thin insulating shim s whichshould be transferred to the new drive if possible.

Re-assem bly is done by careful back-tracking of the above instructions.

There m ay be som e grounding washers, (arrowed), under the disc-drive, (m ine had two in place). Be sure that you do not lose them when installing the new drive.

Do not over-tighten the screws that hold the disc-drive in place as this can lead to stressing of the m...
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