Canirac emblem’s effect on consumer’s opinion when choosing a resaturant and its marketing effects in restaurants in saltillo, coahuila.

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This text is going to talk about a topic that consider hasn’t been discussed at least in this point of view, meaning the H emblem and its marketing effects, in this case we are talking about aspecific type of restaurants, CANIRAC registered ones, simply because we think there are more established, and perhaps require more specifications. We thought about doing our project about this specificsubject because most of the time people are not aware about this kind of issues and we think that perhaps if they did knew it would affect their preferences when choosing a restaurant. First of all itis going to be important to know what does the things we are talking about mean, so that we can explain latter on their relationships and what did we discovered about our variables.
We are going tostart out talking about the H emblem, but to do this we first have to have a clear meaning of what the H emblem is. The H emblem was created in 1990 by the Secretary of Tourism and the Secretary ofHealth of Mexico and it is given to the establishments that comply to certain specifications given by the Secretary of Health, and NORMEX; such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and so on. The Hemblem also includes training your employees by a registered counselor with a profile In the areas of chemistry- medicine and biology, the knowledge imparted by the counselor are regulated by a group ofexpertise in the specific subject. The counselor accessory consists on providing the personal of the establishment a series of recommendations and for example washing techniques, maintenance, personalhygiene, and all the process involved with the establishments need.
We considered that an aspect we would look into is first of all how many restaurants registered in the CANIRAC do have the Hemblem and which don’t, but not only this, also we wondered whether the fact that an establishment has such an important recognition. And weather people even know what the H emblem is and if such a thing...
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