Reflection on issues and influences in education

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Reflection on Issues and Influences in Education
Teacher: Mr. Lou Fuccillo
Student: Mrs. Marisol Rocha
Date: March, 2012

Working with Mr. Fuccillo during this course was a total delight. Ienjoyed every issue, every influence but particularly every anecdote that this teacher in his vast knowledge and experience decided to share with us.
I should mention that this was our first subjectin this path we chose to take. Nobody really knew what to expect about the class. He was kind enough to submit some pre-assignments that enlightened me in some way and made me foresee a little bitabout his vision of this subject.
These pre-assignments included the following:
* To write a brief statement of our vision of education, which we had already shared before.
* To write a briefsummary of our experiences and qualifications that included experience years, travel, hobbies, etc. – that way we got to know the group in a better way and he got to know something about our lives.* Watch the video “Shift Happens” – that made us aware of many statistics we didn`t know about and made us aware particularly how fast shift should also happen in teachers in order not to fallbehind our students, among other things that are happening in the world.
* Watch the video ”Do Schools Kill Creativity” by Sir Ken Robinson - that enlarged our understanding of the way schools arehandling talent and creativity, and the way we are basically orienting our efforts in all-academic issues, discarding a more holistic point of view of education that could avoid frustration and lowerdrop-out problems.
* Read the article in the web about “No School is an Island” – in which we read about the importance of the triad (parents, student, school), and its roles and responsibilities.* And last, but definitely not least, he requested from us a list of our concerns as a teacher. We ended up submitting very similar issues wrote in many different ways, and all very close to...
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