Capital punishment

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The death penalty is a very important and controversial topic in the world, so it is extremely important to investigate and learn about the damage it causes to humanity and we also realize the reasons why the state believes some people deserve the death penalty, of course today is in many countries to seek other less drastic is why the percentage of practitioners countries has decreasedsignificantly which puts the world in a struggle over who supports such a punishment and that seems an abuse of power.
The meaning of death penalty, capital punishment or execution is to cause the death of a person by the state as punishment for a crime but that this sanction is applied they must be referred to as "crimes" or "capital offenses."
 The use of formal execution as punishment has been sincethe beginning of recorded history, many historical records and primitive tribal practices indicate that the death penalty has been part of the judicial system from the beginning of their existence.
From the late eighteenth century around the world there is a tendency to use less painful forms of execution, or "humanitarian."At that time, for example, in France appeared the guillotine, while theUnited Kingdom banned the penalty of hanging with quartering in the early nineteenth century. Traditionally practiced dropping hanging the victim from a ladder, or uploading it to some kind of platform as a stool, a chair or the back of a car, which was then withdrawn, wich caused a slow death by suffocation; these methods were replaced by the current, in which the victim fell a distance of onemeter, which dislocates the neck, severing the spinal cord and killing it almost instantly pear that the victim does not have a death so slow and painful.
As we find ways to proceed were cruel and although many people were satisfied with "justice charge" other in turn stopped to think if it was not too get to the point of violating the right to life because if we stop think maybe we're punishing aperson for a crime that "justice" to commit ourselves we can also look for solutions that are less cruel and more flattering to the country.
Years later, thinking about trying to cover up the torture that these people spent many countries other inventions created at the end always had the same results for example, in the United States introduced the electric chair and gas chamber as a more humanemethod of execution than hanging, but have been almost completely displaced in favor of lethal injection, which in turn has been criticized as too painful.Nevertheless, some countries still use hanging methods "slow", beheading by sword and even stoning.
From 1995 he began to suggest in various ways to use nitrogen asphyxiation execution method this type of death was not due to lack of oxygen, butit was due to an accumulation of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream that is exhaled by natural methods, but today is not used in any country.
In the early days was a major problem as described above, no distinction to all persons alike were seen as the crime of which they are accused therefore does not respect any law that protects minors as which many critics and were in bad shape. For thatthis penalty is less and less applied to young criminals “who were under 18 at the time of committing the crime.” The only countries still officially allowed these practices are Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia which do not take into account the age of the person to punish him if q only classified by the severity of the crime.
 The Convention on the Rights of the Organization of theUnited Nations provides that "neither capital punishment nor life imprisonment without possibility of release for crimes committed by persons below 18 years of age." This convention has been signed and ratified by every country in the world except USA and Somalia. Today, Somalia cannot move towards ratification because it lacks a recognized government. By signing the Convention, the United...
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