Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment Should be Returned to Canada

First of all, we have to explained was happen in Canada with this issue and why are the people asking if it should be returned to Canada.“The Capital Punishment was removed from the Canadian Criminal Code in 1976” and “In 1998 Capital Punishment was also removed from the Canadian National Defence Act”.1

The Capital Punishment is when acriminal is sentenced to death by a jury. I am against of this kind of punishment for the criminals.

In one hand there are many people who thinks that death penalty is an immoral condition, and isa violation of the human rights, even though many people thinks that is the right thing to do for crimes like rape, torture, treason, kidnapping, murder. The death penalty is a good or a bad judgementfor those criminals that had commit crimes such as horror murders, however it prevents future murders.

In otherwise, the death penalty is cruel and inhumane like said the religion in manycountries in the world.

Looking for another point of view that we can call here repetitive we think that if the criminal who commits the crime is going to be in jail, after being released from jail he maycommit the same crime that is for sure; although, giving him death penalty the criminal cannot commits this crime again, never.

The Retribution or the revenge is a very bad sensation that manypeople felt because the society is ordered when each person receives what is due to him. The retribution is to kill a person who has killed some relative to you and is simply to continue the cycle ofviolence which destroys the avenger as well as the offender.

Mahatma Ghandi said once: “Eye by eye and the world going to be blind”.

In another way giving death penalty to the criminals does notdecrease crime in society that is why criminals does not felt afraid from the situation, from this situation and they still doing the same no matter what happen after.

We have to check in any...
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