Caracteres Sexuales

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1) Bat: a small animal.
2) Battery: an object that produces current and electricity.
3) Blew: expelling air.
4) Fuel: a liquid burned for heat.
5) Plug: a connection put in thewall for electricity.
6) Tern: a periode time.


1) Mammals: vertebrates animals.
2) Fins: arms for aquatic animals.
3) Lungs: there respiratory part of the body.
4) Viviparous: togive birth to baby animals.


1) Carpenter: a men that works with rugs.
2) Carpetmaker: a person who weaves a rugs.
3) Knowledge: having information facts or ideas.
4) Marketplace: aplace where you buy and sell.
5) Merchant: some who buys and sell good.
6) Plenty: more than enough.
7) Stroying: wondering away.
8) Thread: a fine twisted cord.


1) Oviparous: ananimal who wached eggs.
2) Scales: smalls thin plate that covers they body of a fish or reptail.
3) Gills: the organ that the fish and other water animals creatures use to bread.
4) Terrestrial:the animals to live in the land.
5) Tadpoles: and aquatic baby frog.


1) Gear: equipment used for a certain job.
2) Parka: jacket with a hood.
3) Splendid: magnificent, grand.
4)Twitch: a quick move.
5) Willow: a tree with tough slender branches.
6) Yanked: pull or jerked.


1) Worms: invertebrates with a long soft bodies and not legs.
2) Mollusks:invertebrates with a soft bodies that have a shell to protect their bodies.
3) Harmfull: hurt or dangerous.
4) Shell: the hard out covering that protects the body from some animals.
5) Metamorphosis: thetransformation of a baby insect to an adult.


1) Laundry: clothes that need to be washed.
2) Section: a part of a space.
3) Shelves: a float sur face to put things (storga).4)Spolied: rotted, not good.
5) Store: a place where shoppers were people buy things.
6) Thousands: tens of hundreds.
7) Trated: to change something.
8) Variety: haviag many diferents kind of, things...
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