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Carnival Cruise Lines: Exploiting a sea of Global Opportunity
Question 1.-
The most important global forces that have contributed to the growth of thecruise industry are, first, the opening of borders between different countries as various agreements that have taken place between them. In addition, most countries that have a high level of development,give the ease of having open borders and thus receive resources through tourism. This has made ​​cruise ships reach a greater number of destinations and give it a wider range of choices to consumers. Another important reason is technology. Technology has helped the cruise industry to do more capable ships, with greater confidence and self-contained browser to retrieve more effective than olderones. On the consumer side, the technology has caused consumers to purchase tickets anywhere in the world, they only need a computer and internet connection.
Another thing I would like to mention here,is that the cruise service is also open to the world in the sense that prices are now more flexible and cruise travel is not just for people of a high level of income.
Question 2 .-
CarnivalCruise has taken several important steps. Some of the great steps taken by Carnival Cruise Lines and that gives the lines recognition as a market leader in the commercial maritime and tourism are:
First,a major social change in recent times are the credits for families who have low incomes and this means that people can enjoy holiday which they could not previously access. This gives Carnival Cruisesthe chance to sell more tickets for example, through credit card.
Second, Carnival Cruise can reach more countries because nowadays exist agreements that allows to anchor in differents ports.Third, Carnival has casino’s on boats since last centuty, when gambling is legal and permitted in international waters, as long as the cruise ship is three miles of shore.
Question 3 .-
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