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1.- What global forces have contributed to the growth of the cruise-line industry?

I think that the study of the cruise-line industry shows an important point to understand the process of global forces that involve the globalization that the world live in this moment. The industry has suffered a restructuration of the activities that face a global competition.There are important multinational companies that they compete strongly in an industry that live an important growth.

The thinking about the triumph of "free markets" over "restrictive policies"exemplifies the economic discourse of globalization. Almost certainly different policies have contributed to both the climate of deregulation as the global stock of migrant labor. Furthermore a significantnumber of states have been directly involved in the promotion of international migration of labor for this and other marine jobs.

If economic globalization means greater mobility of capital and space decoupling, cruisers represent the last stage of globalization: physical mobility, multinational capital immense blocks capable of being re-positioned anywhere in the world anytime, manned byimmigrant labor over fifty or more countries on a single ship, essentially detached from any national or international.The globalization frees the economic life of the geographical restrictions (physical, cultural and political) with a fully integrated capitalism and a union of cultures and this more evident in the industry of cruise ships.

The technology is certainly a force that the industry hascertainly taken to build more vessels that they are much closed to the innovations of the millennium, to meet the preferences and needs of its passengers (customers and consumers), and it is this point that all efforts and operations of this industry.

They have also managed to use the global political and social changes since after World War II ships and economic accommodation renewed theconcept attenuating the phrase "half the fun is how you reach your destination. "Also there were some events that have produced a change in the way of thinking of the most people, for instance the political and terrorism problem (9/11 and terrorist acts) and economic forces that cruise line have seized to gain consumers on the airline industry.

2.- What specific steps has Carnival Cruise Lines takento benefit from global social changes?

It has focused in open new markets worldwide to fit the client's economic situation which is presents as an opportunity to offer their services to all continents. This means that Carnival Cruise Lines has thrived with the concept of cruising fun for the mass market. Carnival has administrated and managed an effective strategy and it offer diversity ofplans for different people. Each brand of Carnival operates in a designated area of the world and is differentiated from other Carnival brands in terms of geographically pertinent themes and in terms of cost per cruise ( Cunard and Seabourne cruises is much higher than that Carnival cruises) In fact the publicity in "Revista del Domingo de Viajes" by "El mercurio" diary is focused to a public thatread the diary and they are in the segment ABC1 and they have a high purchasing power(Cunard).

Carnival allows to gamble because it is not under the jurisdiction of any authority, the trade relations between different businesses to offer unique experiences of fun and adventure, take health and safety measures to protect and provide their passengers have been some steps taken by successfulCarnival Cruise Lines and as a consequence, it is recognized as an industry leader in tourist and commercial maritime market.

It has also been responsible for implementing training programs to the elements of the crew and their openness to the world the necessity of a second language, in this case English, is of paramount importance and this industry which includes the teaching of it to his crew...
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