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Catherine of Aragon and the Reformation of England
Catherine of Aragon, ruled by the side of Henry the VIII, married to him after the dead of the brother of same before mencioned Henry the VIII, who took power of England, after the dead of his brother, and with it his wife, he married at the age of 21 year old, leaving behind the background, of a Spanish princess.
Becoming the new queen ofEngland but this is not the point of this paper, the point of this paper, is get to know how does Catherine of Aragon helped in the reformation of England by not giving the divorce to Henry the VIII, and the influence she gave to Henry VIII make many important decisions.
There are many important facts that lead to the “divorce” or annulations as Henry the VIII better called, and at cause of this leadto the reformation of England and the separation of Henry the VIII from the catholic church and better follow the protestant steps.
Henry the VIII at first loved Catherine of Aragon and shortly after their marriage Catherine of arrange was pregnant this first child was a girl how was prematurely born, after this disappointment, another pregnancy of Catherine of Aragon was known, this secondpregnancy, which bring for a short period of time a great happiness to England, prince Henry was born on January 1 of 1511,as Robert lacey said this child transported Henry:” with delight. The torment and pageant he gave to celebrate the birth of an heir rivaled the lavishness of the coronation festivities.” Page.29.
But at the short period of not even two months, he died, after him another boy wasrecord, but he died the same day she give birth, after this horrible successes another pregnancy was record from Catherine of Aragon, the first child to live from this ruled, and marriage of Henry was Mary,
Which was an important figure in the history of England two, as this events have passed, at the same time Henry the VIII frustration have been growing with the lack of a male hair, also thecriticism of the people and the fear of not having a superior

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For the throne was pressuring the king, in this time the king and the queen have been recognizing that was a punishment from god.
The queen give some ideas, and some offertories to god, as the same timeshe suggest to Henry to go in a pilgrimage, where he meet the girl that will be later the cause of the separation of the rulers.
Even they try all these things, lacey Baldwin smith said:” Catherine of Aragon failed to secure the succession with the male heir” page 105. There is no point else to go she have not done it, she was not able to give to England a male successor.
Even Henry wasplanning to divorce, the queen Catherine was not well aware of the plans of Henry, after she new about she blamed Wolsey, how was a follower of the pro-French convenience and was involved in the protestant religion, and the responsible of giving the idea of the divorce to Henry, as garret Mattingly said:” Wolsey as the best method of safeguarding his pro-French policy by removing from henrys’ side theemperor’s chief friend in England and substituting a French princess”.
In this point the nation have divided into two points of view, the point of the catholic church, which was completely against the divorce of the rulers, which where at the side of the queen Catherine, and the protestant side which was at the side of the king, which were in favor of the divorce,
Which based their idea in thatmoment reasonable facts, as Henry found the perfect way to defend his point in the bible in Leviticus and he declared that this was a curse that the lord have given to them to go against them, specially to him for marring the wife of his dead brother.
He found that in Leviticus in some chapters of this book of the bible he can used it, but still lady Catherine, will refuse the fact of a...
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