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Wendy Rodas
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Cell Phones

Since I moved to the United States seven year ago I have been dealing with the bad cell phone companies. I love technology and I used mycell phone at least 200 times at day. Because I love to be on facebook and twitter, it is something addicted. I brought at least 12 cell phones on those seven years. Because I am always at the phoneand, and always happens something to them.
The issue about having a cell phone in the U.S is the fact that we can find almost everything on a cell phone. In my country we do not use cell phone,and those how have one, are rich people because it is really expensive to have one.
The overpriced services cause people to be constantly in displeasure and make them want to not have one.But because it is so expensive to pay for, people remain with the wireless company even though they do not like the service. My phone is something that I cannot leave without. I spend all my timewith my phone because I thing give me all what I need in just one little thing. I believe that communications and news is something on our lives, no matter where we go we will always find news. Cellphone is a negative addiction. That is something that I cannot stop even when i am sleeping. I know that there is a lot of people who feel this way too.
Something negative of having a cell phone ismany people like me cannot live without them, and are an uncontrollable addiction. And if not used sparingly can be dangerous. The news is something that is on our lives and that can we used for ourbenefits. With all the new innovation on cell phones more people is daily willing to have one. One good thing about having a cell phone is that we can find all the news faster and in just couple ofseconds. For example, the tragedy of September 11, was broadcasted everywhere and anyone who had a cell phone could take pictures or a video.
Something bad about cell phones is that we pay a lot of...
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