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The religion of the former Celts, particularly that of the Gauls before the Roman conquest, is not well-known, and the information of which they prepare to reconstruct it is scanty and notvery precise. The worship was at the expense of the "Druids", priests who simultaneously were the educators of the youth. The so called monuments “Druidic Stones ", previous to the arrival of theCelts to the west of Europe, seem not to have represented any paper in the religion of the former Gauls. For a long time only there existed local worships specially related to the mountains, the forestsand the waters, who were invoked under different names. We find the god Vosgos, the goddess Ardenas, the god Dumias; the divinities of the sources or of the rivers: Sequana (the source of the Seine),Nemausis (Nimes's source).
The term Celtic art alludes to the artistic expressions of the so called Celtic peoples. It is, nevertheless, a subjective and controversial category, so much as theown concept of “Celtic civilization ", since it is applied to a very extensive period of time and to multiple related but different cultures
Basic Celtic gown the gown of the Celts, as ithas been reconstructed, a style shows colorist and adorned good, with many trend to the mixture of showy colors, possibly influenced by the currents of the India. The samples that now we offer belongto Roman and Greek constructions
The first worn out fabric it is never considered to be made that one of vegetable matter (that of animal origin came later, in spite of that the skinsalways have removed). The linen has been the most ancient textile found material, so we can clude that the proto-Celts (or going furthermore far,in the epoch of the Indo-European ones), in thebeginnings were dressing linen or similar fibers.

Social structure
He Celtic social system played a big role in maintaining law and order among its people. It was an integral part of the Celtic legal...
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