Centripetal forces

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Chapter 2

2.2.1 Centripetal forces

1.-According to the book, give your personal definition for Centripetal forces.

Movements and events that bring the international actors closer.

2.-According to the book, mention examples of centripetal forces?

1) Neoliberalism
2) Economic Integration
3) Globalization
5) Modernity
6) Postmodernity
3.-What isneoliberalism?

Set of economic policies used to characterize the economic ideology behind globalization.

4.- What are the four most important policies related with neoliberalism?

1)Smaller role of thestate
3)Foreign Investment
4)Liberalization of markets and finances
5.- Write down the definition of the book for globalization.

Process by which experience of everyday life,marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, it´s becoming standardized around the world.

6.- What´s economic integration?

Refers to the creation of economic alliances between states.

7.-What´s the difference between economic integration and economic interdependence?

It´s related to the effect globalization has on the different economies of the world. While economic integrationdescribes the formal process of uniting economies to form a common front from which to change the challenges posed by globalization .

8.- What´s is NAFTA? Mention the countries involved in that FreeTrade Agreement?

NAFTA means North American Free Trade Agreement. It´s a free trade agreement signed by Mexico, USA and Canada in 1993. It´s an example of economic integration.

9.- Definesupranationalism. Give an example.

Increasing tendency of states to form all kinds of international organizations, but more specifically it refers to the formation of institutions integrated by differentstates, in which its members transfer power to make decisions on their behalf.

The best example for supranationalism is the European Union.

10.- Mention four characteristics of modernity....
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