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Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
01 800 26426 378487 (01 800- CHOCO – FRUITS)
Monday November 23th 2009
Carolina Sánchez
Lucina Gordillo
Patricia Gutiérrez
Roger Moguel
Juan Pablo Gómez

Business Plan for ChocoFruits Company.

• What service or product does your business provide and what needs does it fill? Our business offers all-covered fresh fruits with a deliciousmix of the best chocolate, fruits which can be tasted any season of the year, especially in holidays. Moreover, it offers a great service for any kind of event, with the best prices and flavours.

• Who are the potential customers for your product or service and why will they purchase it from you? All those who want a great birthday party, all those who want an event, or people who want totaste the sweetest flavour in the world. They can contact us for any kind of event and also in holidays. Chocofruits will be requested all year long.

• How will you reach your potential customers? We will have the best service customers could ever imagine. We will be a trustable business, and we will have a responsible employment. That is how we are going to make people want to come back to us,besides our excellent treatment.

• How is the business affected by the external environment (political, economical, social, technological factors)? Maybe this fruits are going to be requested by people who have a good level of life, because more than a need, they are a luxury. Also, they are little bit expensive because of our comfortable service, because we cover event areas.

• Wherewill you get the financial resources to start your business? Our parents support our idea, and they will borrow us some money for running out this exceptional business.

Our company:
Chocofruits was born on August 20th in Juan Pablo’s and Carolina’s mind. We decided that we wanted to create a product not only to get incomes, but also to satisfy the wants of the people. “Chocofruits” is acompany/store where you can buy fruits covered by chocolate. The chocolate depends on the clients’ choice; it could be either white, milk, semisweet, bitter or dark. After the idea popped out our minds, we decided to share it with the rest of the team. Lucina was the one who brought the idea of using different flavors and mixing chips for the decoration of the chocolate. After we decided what theproduct was going to be, we began searching for places and decided that the best place to start would be on Plaza las Americas. Fortunately we found a place and set in. And that’s how it started. We opened on September 7th.


The mission is to satisfy customer Chocofruits giving the best quality Chocofruits products made from our delicious variety of fruit dipped in a unique anddelicious chocolate Chocofruits only can offer.
As a mission we must also preserve our quality and not only products but also in service.
A cornerstone of our mission is that consumers always ask for more and be really impressed and eager to become a consumer of our products because they are made of the best and are nutritious.

Our objective of creating “Chocofruits” isto make new flavors in first place. Chocofruits won’t be the common fruit covered with chocolate because our product is going to be innovated with new tastes and new ingredients causing in our consumers a great sensation.
Chocofruits also will have a really amazing presentation. We want it to look like more interesting, in the way that our consumers will have fun eating our product.
In theother hand we will have many sizes and many different presentations to make it different and funny.

The strengths our corporation has are:
* Our respective experience in the business environment.
* High qualified personal and motivated employees.
* Access to needed resources for a lower price.
* Quality of the resources.
* Appropriate location.
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