Ciencias Deportivas

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The title of my project is New York City. Take me to finish my project about eight to ten hours. The location I chose is the United States, New York City. I really enjoyed working with this locationand I chose to travel there and knew enough of the city, it really is impressive. It was easy and difficult at the same time to complete because I knew a little, but be creative and wanted me to leavethings well. If I understand you have enough time to complete the job and do my best. My model built my inspiration for the work they had done previously. Built my model with the following materials:shoe box, glue, construction paper and other materials. I had fun creating the material as it is the first time I do this work alone. I really feel that I expressed what sufciente that I strive tocome out best, because I was in person at this place for a while and saw this place. As one of the first sights is the Central Park, the second the Statue of Liberty and finally the Empire State.Actually I had no difficulty in choosing the attractions that already knew. If I could easily find much information that New York is one of the most attractive and interesting places to visit for somethingcalled the Big Apple. The first attraction is the Central Park. It is located in the heart of the city of New York. In this place you can do many things from spending a family day, lie on the grassand reading a good book, walking, exercising or just breathe the fresh air of nature. The second attraction is the Statue of Liberty. This is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor south ofManhattan. In this place you can see the city of New York from the top of the statue. The third attraction is the Empire State after the bombing of the World is one of the most visited places by tourists.Are accessible and easy to visit if you live nearby but if you do not have to travel a few hours. You can bring your family if you want because they are very attractive tourist sites and impressive...
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