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Bullying refers to any form of abuse or mistreatment, whether physical or verbal, between classmates.
Unfortunately the most common site for this abuse is the schoolyard and the classroom.
Theobjective of this abuse is to intimidate through an abuse of power, exercised by an attacker stronger than the weaker victim.
When a child abuse on other children exercises you are looking forrecognition and attention to relieve some process of rejection. Its purpose is to intimidate, subjugate and dominate.
there are different kinds of aggression such as:
Physical: Paste Kicking, punching,biting, shoving, hitting them with objects.
It occurs more frequently in primary than in secondary.
Verbal insults in public are, highlight physical defects, cell phone use to intimidate the victim, thechildren take pictures and put them on the Internet, etc.. It is the most common.
Social: that the child has no friends in his classroom
The stalkers know their victims choose well. They look youngthat go unnoticed, are not popular.

children who are aggressive tend to watch TV programs with high levels of violence have effects on real violence, especially among children.
In conclusion,television affects children, in the sense of wanting and try to be like them.
family problems also affect younger children who are usually more aggressive.
children affected tend to be weaker and have nosocial life.
by school teachers need to promote education and respect among students.
by parents to have good communication with their children about violence

there is also the WorkplaceBullying
is an abusive behavior that makes employees feel uncomfortable and has a negative impact inside and outside the workplace.
in the workplace, bullying managers or executives happens to theiremployees, with the difference in the primary could talk with the teacher you trust or a counselor, while here the risk of losing your job is at stake.
This phenomenon also occurs between co-workers the...
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