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Stepsister 1
Stepsister 2
Fairy Godmother

Narrator: Cinderella lives in a house with her Stepmother and her two Stepsisters. Her Stepmother never works around the house.  Everyday she says.
Stepmother: Cinderella, wash the dishes. .. Cinderella, clean the house. .. Cinderella, work, work, work!
Narrator: Her Stepmotheris not good.  She is bad.  One of Cinderella´s Stepsisters is fat with a big nose.  The other one is thin, with big ears, and they don´t like to work either.
Stepsister 1: Cinderella, come here!
Stepsister 2: Cinderella sweep the floor!
Stepsister 1: Cinderella clean my shoes!
Stepsister 2: Cinderella comb my hair!
Narrator: Cinderella is very beautiful, and hardworker.  She is good to herStepmother and to her Stepsisters.  One day they receive an invitation.
Stepsister 1: Mother, read it!
Stepsister 2: What does it say?
Stepmother: It says…  Every woman is invited to a ball.
Cinderella: Oh, I want to go to the ball.  I like to dance.
Stepsisters: You want to go to the ball?  You must be crazy!
Cinderella: Yes, I want to go to the ball.
Narrator: Cinderella works hard.  Shestarts making the dresses for her Stepmother and her Stepsisters.  She doesn´t have time to make her own dress.
Stepsisters: We are going to the ball!  We are going to the ball!
Stepmother: If you don´t have a dress, you will not go to the ball.
Narrator: Cinderella starts to cry.
Cinderella: I don´t have a pretty dress.  I have an ugly dress.  I am not going to the ball.
Stepsisters: What ashame!  We have pretty dresses.  Good-bye!
Narrator: Suddenly, Cinderella sees a very beautiful woman.  It´s her Fairy Godmother.
Fairy Godmother: Now you have a pretty dress.
Narrator: Cinderella looks at her dress and says.
Cinderella: Yes, I have a pretty dress!  I am going to the ball.  I am happy!
Fairy Godmother: Just remember that you have to come back at twelve o´clock.  Don´t forget!Cinderella: No, I won´t forget!  Good-bye.
Narrator: Cinderella goes to the ball, and when she enters the palace everybody look at her.
Girl 1: What a pretty girl!
Girl 2: Who is she?
Narrator: The handsome prince looks at her and says.
Prince: I want to dance with her.
Narrator: She walks to where she is, and says.
Prince: Do you want to dance with me?
Cinderella: Yes, I want to dancewith you.
Narrator: And they danced all night.  Suddenly, Cinderella hears the clock strike .
Clock: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.
Cinderella: I have to go!.
Narrator: Cinderella runs and runs outside the palace, but she drops one of her shoes.  The Prince runs after her, but he doesn´t see her.
Prince: Wait!  Wait!  What is your name?  Where do youlive?  Wait!
Narrator: Then he picks up the shoe and says.
Prince: Where is she?  I don´t even know her name.  I don´t know anything about her.  I am very sad.
Narrator: Next morning, when the prince wakes up, he says.
Prince: I have to find my pretty lady.  I have her shoe!

Narrator: He goes to town and looks for her in every house there is.
Prince: Is the pretty lady here?.
Woman 1: No,she is not, and I don´t know where she is.
Narrator: The prince goes to another house… and another one… and another one. He doesn´t  find her.  At last, he goes to Cinderella´s house.
Prince: Is the pretty lady here?
Stepmother: Yes, she is.  That is my daughter´s shoe….  Daughter, come here.
Stepsister 1: Yes, mother.
Stepmother: Try on the shoe.
Narrator: Her daughter, who is very fat,tries to put on the shoe.
Stepsister 1: I can´t .  This shoe is too small, and my foot is fat.  It hurts!  This is not my shoe.
Narrator: Meanwhile, Cinderella is coming down the stairs and says.
Cinderella: That shoe is mine.
Stepsisters: Ha, ha, ha… it´s funny!
Cinderella: Yes, that shoe is mine!  And I have the other one.
Narrator: Suddenly she appears with her pretty dress, and once...
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