Civilizaciones Antiguas

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Architecture: In style buildings jutted straight and symmetrical, and very rarely have houses or temples round or spiral motives indicating male dominance. Another feature of this culture isthat their images are very rare
Government and society: The Egyptians had a strongly hierarchical society, and the absolute king was the Pharaoh.

Architecture: In Mesoamerica,where older buildings on the Olmec or Monte Alban, are not tombs, but public buildings - though restricted - dedicated to deities or for other activities such as ritual or ceremonial sacrifices.
InMesoamerica all pyramidal structures are associated in a square, there is always a very large open space.

Architecture: all peoples who settled in Mesopotamia built on the banks of theTigris and Euphrates large cities that were important political and religious centers. The architecture in Mesopotamia consisted of colorful painted tiles, murals mannerisms.
Culture: Mesopotamiaremains very important and let some of fundamental importance. They were the originators of mathematics, astronomy and medicine, development of schedules and prediction ellipses.

 Architecture: the literature describes magnificent imperial palaces destroyed long ago. The elaborate construction of the graves speaks of the sophisticated technology that existed in terms of raisingbuildings: the arches and columns replaced the wooden structures and pressed earth used by the previous dynasties.
Culture: among the most significant advances achieved by this ancient culture, highlightsthe start of an economy based on money, writing books and the introduction of the use of iron.

Indian culture began in 3000 A.C. and ended in 2000 A.C.
Indian culture is just because ofthe conquerors who removed them from there and by extremes of climate change or depletion of cultivation. The territory of Indian culture was very extensive with large areas of irrigation and...
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