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Class Trip BMCC

My experience in our first trip to BMCC University was great. We arrived at 5:00 P.M and then we needed to wait in a line to get our IDs. The processing time was fast. It tookapproximately fifteen minutes per person. When we finished with the ID process, we started our tour.
We visited different offices, taking pictures and getting to know the place. The main campus ofBMCC University is an amazing place to study. The people are very nice and helpful. The building has seven floors, elevators and escalators. They have many offices over there, which are designed to helpand make the student’s college life easier.
When the students were organized into small groups, everybody went their own way and they started the assignment. My group was comprised of four people:Sthefany, Robert and I from The Dominican Republic and Godwin who is from Nigeria.
When we started our trip, we got lost. We were trying to find the A. Philip Randolph Memorial Library. After a fewminutes asking people where the library at, we found it. The library is located on the 4th floor. The library is beautiful, clean and spacious. It has a lot of interesting books. I really enjoyedvisiting the library. We took a nice picture in front of it.
After we visited the library we went to the Academic Advisement & Transfer Center, it was one of the only open offices in the entirebuilding. They have a nice bookstore, where the students get good discounts for books or anything that they need to buy. Finishing with our visit to the bookstore, we ran to the Bursar’s Office where theyprovide services to students with their college bills, but the office was closed.
At the public safety office we needed to ask them for permission to take a picture of the group in front of thatoffice; they are in charge of providing a safe environment for students. They were very kind and gave us permission to take the picture. We didn’t get the chance to visit the Registrar’s Office because...
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