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SURFCAM is a powerful and efficient CAD/CAM product that is very easy to learn. This booklet provides some basic information on its hardware and memory requirements and its installation. Italso contains a detailed description of the SURFCAM user interface to enable you to more quickly become familiar with operating SURFCAM. The greater part of this booklet is devoted to the following activities that give you an overview of some of SURFCAM’s powerful features. 1. Using SURFCAM Help on page 17 2. Create a 2D Part Design on page 23 3. Machine the Design on page 27 4. Create Dimensions onpage 34 5. Create a Cross Section Surface on page 37 6. Create a Drive Curve Surface on page 39 7. Create a Fillet Surface on page 41 8. Single Surface Machining on page 45 9. Multiple Surface Machining on page 47 10. Z Rough Machining on page 51 11. Multi-Surface Planar Scallop Cutting on page 55 12. NC Operations Manager Tools on page 58 13. Challenge: Create Double Clamp Design on page 63 14.Challenge: Create Fork Bracket Design on page 70



This Demo Tutorial booklet is normally accompanied by a copy of the demo version of SURFCAM, which is used for evaluation and educational purposes. It creates, loads, and saves part files that are neither compatible with, nor transferable to, the standard version of SURFCAM. Certain functionshave been de-activated. These include: • Creation of files used for post processing to your machine tool. • Output of the following types of files: DSN, CADL, IGES, VDA, FST, CSF, and DES. Other differences between the demo version and the standard version of SURFCAM will be noted in this tutorial as the occasion arises.

SURFCAM Demo Tutorial Copyright © 2000 by Surfware, Inc. All RightsReserved.


SURFCAM Demo Tutorial



• Online Manuals All of the SURFCAM manuals, including this Demo Tutorial, are available on the SURFCAM CDROM in portable document format (PDF). They can be viewed on your screen or printed using the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™. If you do not currently have this program installed, it will be installed automatically when youinstall SURFCAM. We refer to the manuals in this format as “online documents” or “online manuals.” • Manual Cross References Blue text in an online document signals a cross reference. Click on the blue reference to jump immediately to the location mentioned. If you want to read this Demo Tutorial online, refer to Online Manuals on page 20. • Video Clips Video clips are available on the SURFCAM CD-ROMto illustrate various features of SURFCAM. Refer to Video Clips on page 19 for information on accessing them. At installation of SURFCAM, you have the option to install manuals and video clips to your hard drive.



SURFCAM requires an Intel computer system with a 80486 DX microprocessor (for the 2 Axis product) or a Pentium/Pentium Promicroprocessor (recommended for 3 Axis and above) and Windows 95, Windows NT® 4.0, or later versions. The following are additional hardware requirements/recommendations: 1. A fixed hard disk with at least 250 MB of storage. 2. A Windows® compatible graphics card (OpenGL recommended) and software driver. 3. A Windows® compatible pointing device (mouse) and software driver. 4. Recommended: Sound cardand speakers for the video clips in the Help file. 5. RAM: Refer to Figure 1: Memory Requirement and Recommendations.

Design and 2 Axis machining 3-5 Axis single and multiple surface machining on up to 750 surfaces 3-5 Axis multiple surface machining on more than 750 surfaces

32MB 64MB 128MB

64MB 128MB 256MB

Swap file size should be a minimum of...
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