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Glossary of SET-TYPE and REAS codes in TMI List of Terms ATT Rmvl - (Attachment Removal) - The parts of an attachment that must be removed when another attachment is installed.Attachment - An additional component that may be added to a product to add usage. CNU (Canceled Never Used) - A component of an assembly, group or arrangement that was never used and thus is beingcanceled. CRB (Canceled Replaced By) - The part is being canceled and replaced by a part or number of parts in all the applications in which the canceled part is used. Cur (Current) - Product is beingused in production. Custom - Parts released for special application. Fulfilled By - Parts used to fulfill the requirements of the parent part. These parts are interchangeable but are purchased fromdifferent suppliers. The parts may contain children that are serviceable. MFG Only (Manufacturing Only) - The parts required in the manufacturing process of the parent part that are not part of thefinished product. This information is not needed by the PPA when reading the EDN. Misc Ref (Miscellaneous Reference) - The parts that can be used as a reference when working the parent part number. Non(Non-Current) - Not currently being used in production. NU (Never Used) - Same as CNU (Canceled Never Used). Opt Ser Repl (Optional Service Replacement) - When the standard part has special replacementparts (such as undersized or oversized parts) that can also be used for service replacement of the standard part. Parts List - the part required to build the parent (header) part number. Production -Parts used in all machines of a model. Remd (Removed) - Parts are being removed in a specified application.

Replaced By - When parts are being replaced in the application, "REPL" will appear in theRMV RSN column within the Parts List. The part identified is replacing the part number to the left of it in the same row. Std Rmvl (Standard Removal) - The parts removed when an attachment is...
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