Como dar una presentación

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How to Give a Great Presentation

How to Organize a Presentation

Organizing a presentation is a combination of clear thinking and clear communications.

Everything yousay, everything you show, every device you use, must move you toward your objectives in a businesslike fashion.

1.-Keep things simple

You need a theme to give your presentationunity and direction, and to fix your purpose in your audience’s mind. Make it a simple theme, easy to remember, and open with it, using a headline to state it.

Tie every element in yourpresentation to the theme. If you’re using charts, put your theme all by itself on one chart and place it where it will be visible throughout the presentation. This keeps the people in your audience —sometimes sleepy, often distracted, always with lots on their minds — focused on your and message.

2.- Tell your audience where you’re going

Show an agenda that lists the points you aregoing to cover. Describe the structure of your presentation, and say how long it will take. Estimate time conservatively — err on the long side rather than the short side. A presentation that ispromised for twenty minutes and goes twenty-five seems like an eternity. The same thing promised for thirty minutes seems short in twenty-five, crisp and businesslike.

Do everything that’s beenasked — and a little more. Be precise and complete in covering what was requested. If you cannot cover some point or other, say so and say why.

3.- Think headlines, not labels

Whatdoes your data say? Headings on charts should tell the audience how to think about the numbers. … Use headings to establish your main points. Guide the audience by numbering them on charts or slides,telling people how many you have.

4.-Involve the audience
Think of ways to involve your audience. Play games with them. Invite people to guess the answers to questions, or to predict the...
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