Como Hacer Sushi En 10 Pasos (Inglés)

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How to make sushi in only 10 steps

Ingredients :

* A cup of special sushi rice
*A bag of fresh seaweed
* 1 cucumber
* 1 / 4 of Surimi
* 1 / 4 Philadelphia
* Avocado
* You will need a special table for sushi (usually you can get it where you bought thespecial rice) *

How to prepare:

1. Put the rice in a small and deep pot, with an amount of water a bit greater than the height of rice.
2. Simmer for about 20 minutes or more but be carefulthat the rice does not stick (When almost done it will look like white foam coming out of the pot).
3. If necessary add a little water.
4. When the foam goes down, then we are ready.Cool therice for 15 or 20 minutes
5. While the rice cools, chop these ingredients.
* First: Wash the cucumber and cut it from the two corners. Peel the skin of the cucumber. When ready, cut it inhalf (vertically) and then cut exactly the same again, and remove the seed with the knife.
* Second, the Surimi, also will be cut in half but only in two parts.
* Third: The avocado, wash andtake off the bone, cut to small slices.
* Fourth: Philadelphia, were cut in a vertical line will taste.
Spread a sheet of seaweed on the sushi table and cover the half with rice.
6. Add thesurimi and the cucumber into strips and above these the avocado and the philapelphia.
7. Cut the corners of the cucumber or, what is needed. So it fits the corner of the seaweed.
8. Roll the sushitable with your fingers holding the ingredients placed on the rice to almost reach the first round, remove your fingers and do the same again leaving 1 to 2 cm at the end without rolling to slightlydampen the area and finish rolling.

9. Tighten the table and give it the shape you prefer: round, oval, triangular.
10. Cut to the desired size, from 8 to 12 parts, with a knife moistened...
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