Como mentir con estadistica

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Life Stages
Children and Preschool: This age is from birth to the child when the child begins when the child has to go to school. In this age there is no major physical changes as in other stagesof life, the most noticeable change is the growth that is from birth to 4 years or so.
Children: This age begins when the child enters the school or school age (4 or 5 years) until he reaches age10, in this age also most noticeable changes are the growth, speech, etc.
Puberty: the period during which a child reached sexual maturity begins at age 10 to 14 years or so. It is a part of thepre-adolescence or adolescence and it seems that begins with progressive advance. The onset of menstruation there comes now at the age of 13 years on average. 100 years ago the average was 15 years.Puberty is an age in which sex takes place at different rates, registering girls growing faster than boys. The duration of male puberty is generally more durable, but emotionally less disturbing tothem. It is the age with more changes of all stages, completely changes the physical and psychological mindset and tastes, which begins a few years later adolescence.
Adolescence: The age begins at age14 until about age 21 where he will start at the age of adulthood that is the longest. Adolescence is the period of change between puberty and adulthood. The teenager is sexually developed, butlacks the necessary experience and emotional maturity to deal with equity all the problems that characterize adulthood. Consequently, many adolescents find it difficult and attitudes easily fall intodepression because of certain situations. Particularly, the girls must assimilate the experience of menstruation, which is sometimes unpleasant, and for some disturbing results. During adolescence, manyboys and girls suffer from acne (an intense grain access) and other defectives skin. This is due to overactivity of the sebaceous glands caused by the imbalance of sex hormones and growth in the...
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