Competitive analysis of the hotel business around cdg airport

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Competitive analysis of the hotel business around CDG airport

A competitor analysis was carried out in order to obtain a suitable evaluation of this specific hotel market in terms of competition. The completion of this assessment will help us to adcquire a clearer perspective of the actual market terrain that the hotel brand must navigate in order to become a successful business.
In this casethe market is focused on hotel businesses surrounding Charles De Gaulle Airport area in Paris (France). There is a large number of hotels that may become potential competitors which mostly belong to hotel chains with strong presence around the world. All the hotels identified around the airport vary in a range of three to four stars quality. The hotels identified as potential competitors are;Holiday Inn De Gaulle, Sheraton Hotel CDG Airport, Hilton De Gaulle, Ibis Paris CDG, Hyatt Hotel Paris CDG, Comfort Hotel Airport CDG, Novotel Paris CDG, Marriott De Gaulle Airport and and Radisson SAS CDG Airport (see Appendix A for further details).
Some of these competitors are only expected to compete indirectly with The Cosmolite as they provide same basic services but different additionalservices as well as they are orientated to a slightly different customer capital. Therefore, a further constraint of the potential competitors encountered in the area is neccessary in order to highlight those which has the greater potential to become a threat to our future business. Hotels that are expected to be chief competitors to The Cosmolite hotel are the four stars hotels that are locatedfairly close to Charles De Gaulle Airport terminals which are the following; Sheraton Hotel CDG Airport, Hilton de Gaulle, Hyatt Hotel Paris CDG and Marriott De Gaulle Airport. The four hotels previously mentioned are considered chief competitors and the major threat to our project´s success due to they are the most similar in terms of quality and services and so the most likely to get part of ourmarket share.
Sheraton Hotel CDG as the rest of hotels of this brand emphasizes the operation of its hotels in the luxury and upscale segment of the lodging industry. Sheraton hotels offer the entire spectrum of comfort while featurin a wide variety of on-site business services which become specially attractive in CDG airport area as it allows business travelers to stay productive on the road.Sheraton business strategy is based on three main characteristics;

Extensive range of amenities
Comfortability and well-appointed rooms.

The business strategy of Sheraton hotels is based on the concept of high standards and they clearly target customers which are not very concern about prices (see Appendix A) and are willing to obtain for high standards and extra services above anyother aspect.

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