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Exercise 11/01/12
Topic 1
1. What is a command?
Is a tool like an icon that tells power point to develop a specific task.
2. Name the sixbasic slides design available when you click “New Slide”
Title slide, Title and section, Section Header , Two Content, Comparison, Title Only,
3. In yourown words, explain which are the steps to import a word file to a Power Point 2007 (Slide diagram)?
You click on New Slide and then you click on slidesfrom outline and select a document.
4. In your own words define what is a Power Point 2007 diagram?
Are predetermined text boxes so you can save timeon your presentation.
5. Why it is necessary for a diagram to be formatted in a word document for it to be imported correctly in Power Point 2007?
Soit can fit correctly on the presentation.
6. What does the process “reorganize slides” consist in?
Consist on making the slides more organize byputting them in order
7. Explain what the following printing options consist on and mention one case in which you would recommend each option:
PrintingOption | Explanation | Recommended when… |
Slides |  Show the appearance that slides will have when you print them one per page | You see how your slidesbefore you print them |
Documents |  Print text only | … It’s necessary to take additional notes about each slide. |
Note page |  Slides and notesprinted together |  When you want to print everything |
View Diagram |  Is a printed copy of the slides | You want to see a preview of your presentation  |
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