Computer viruses

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1) The history of computer viruses.
In 1949 John Von Neumman, a Hungarian Scientist, develop the theory that the informatics program could bereproduced. This theory was confirmed experimentally in the 1950’s in the Bell’s Laboratories (AT&T subsidiary), where scientist and programmers developed a gamenamed Core Wars, in which the players created small informatics programs that attacked and deleted the opponent computer system and they also could bereproduced. It wasn’t until 1983 that Fred Cohed, and university student, gives the term “VIRUS” to describe an informatics program that can reproduceitself.

2) How the Computer viruses work?
An informatics virus is a computer program that has the capability to cause injures and its more relevantcharacteristic is that they can be reproduced they self and infect other computers. The virus can infect executable entities: any file or sector of storagememory that has codes of instruction that the processor can execute. The majority of the informatics viruses are programmed in assembly language.

3)Some Myths about “VIRUSES” are:
a. A virus can affect the files of data.
b. A protected CD-Rom can be affected for a Virus
c. Our Computer cannot beaffected with a CD – Rom
d. The Antivirus protects us from all kind of virus.
e. We can be affected with a informatics virus.

4) Methods for blockingPop-up messages without purchasing software.
A popular method to block some pop – ups in almost all the browsers is go to the preference and enable it.
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