Conditional rules

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Conditional rules: zero, first, second; perfect future and continuous future, usually, used to, get used to.
Activity: 8 Usually, used to, be / get used to in sentences.


Exercise 1. Match the correctsentence.
I used to eat a lot of sugar ( d ) a. when we were children
Robert used to work in London but ( g ) b. now he drives
Jim used to take the bus to work but ( b ) c. nowI find her a bit boring.
When I was younger I didn´t use to eat meat but ( h ) d. now I’m on a diet.
When I lived in the Mexico City, ( f ) e. now he plays the drum.
They used to go to amilitary school ( i ) f. I often used to go to the theater
I used to really enjoy Sharon company but ( c ) g. now he works in Springfield.
Tom used to play the guitar but ( e ) h. now I eat alot.
We used to go to the mountain for holidays ( a ) i. where they wore a uniform.
Richard used to have a truck but ( j ) j. now he drives a Cadillac.

Exercise 2. Complete the sentenceswith the correct word.
Telling having driving flying living living sharing looking getting up driving.

1. I get up at 10:00every day so I´m used to get up late.
2. He is from London, so he isn´t used to drive on the left yet.
3. Japanese are used to live in small apartments.
4. I don’t come from a big family so I´mnot used to share with brothers or sisters.
5. My parents are often away on business so I´m used to only have my sister at home.
6. I haven´t lived in the city for very long, so I´m not used todrive miles to the nearest shop.
7. The children went to boarding school so they are used to live away from home.
8. She travels a lot for work so she is used to fly.
9. As the oldest child, he...
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