Configuracion Dhcp

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¿Qué es DHCP?
DHCP, el Protocolo de Configuración Dinamica de Máquinas (“Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol”), especifica un método para configurar dinámicamente los parámetros de red necesariospara que un sistema pueda comunicarse efectivamente. FreeBSD utiliza la implementación de DHCP proporcionada por el Internet Software Consortium (ISC) de tal forma que toda la información relativa a laconfiguración de DHCP se basa en la distribución proporcionada por el ISC.

* dhcpcd: DHCP client daemon
* /etc/dhcpc:
* /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-<interface>.info: dhcpcd storeshost information in this file. (interface=eth0 or eth1,...)
* /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-<interface>.cache: Cache file containing the previously assigned IP address.
* dhcpd: Dynamic HostConfiguration Protocol Server daemon
* dhcpd.conf: dhcpd configuration file
* dhcpd.leases: dhcpd DHCP client lease database
* dhcp-options: dhcpd Dynamic Host ConfigurationProtocol options
* dhcrelay: bootp relay agent. One DHCP server to service multiple network segments.
* omshell: OMAPI Command Shell - an interactive way to connect to, query, and change, the ISCDHCP Server’s state via OMAPI. One can make the changes while the server is running.
* pump: configure network interface via BOOTP or DHCP protocol
DHCP Server Configuration for Linux
Author:Edward Buck
Version: .2
Last edited: December 21, 2002
This guide will help you setup a dhcp server to provide network configuration information to clients on the network. Theseinstructions were written with Red Hat 7.x systems in mind but the basic concepts provided here can be applied to other distributions as well.
1. Download dhcp rpm package from Red Hat andinstall:
# rpm -ivh dhcp-2.0pl5-8.i386.rpm
2. Open file /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd and edit the first line as follows:
Replace 'eth1' above with the...
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