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The are part of a group of conjunctions which are formed by putting together a question word ( who, which, where, what, when, how) andthe adverb ´ever´
It is not difficult to quess what they mean.
Whoever, it doesn´t matter ´who´
Whichever, it doesn´t matter ´ which´
Wherever, itdoesn´t matter ´ where´
Whatever , it doesn´t matter ´ what´
Whenever, it doesn´t matter ´when´
However , it doesn´t matter ´ how´
As they are conjucntions theyhave to be used for putting two clauses together exemple:
The city will be crowded whenever we go.
Whenever you go to Edimburg, you must visit the castle.Notice that when one of these conjuctions is at the beginning of the sentence, you have to put a comma after the first clause. When they appear later however ,this isn´t necessary exemples:
Whoever gave you this information was right. The museum is closed.
W e´ll always have a room for you, whichever day you come.Tonight we can do whatever you want.
Whenever you go in Dublin , you can always find a pub.
Whenever you want something to eat, call the room service.However we try to get there, we won´t arrive in time
• Whoever leaves last should turn off the lights.
Do whatever you want to do; it’s none of my business.Choose whichever pencil you like.
"Wherever I may roam is my home."
He's always in a hurry whenever we meet'
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