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Shrek is down in town
Feb. 6, 2004
The New York Times
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A species of ogre thought likely to be extinct may still be swinging through the trees in Wisconsin State Park,according to Mr. McDonald an anthropologist.
The American Ogre was declared extinct in 2000 by a team that included W. Scott McDonald, a professor of anthropology at Madison University. It hadn’t been seensince 1978, but McDonald said he has evidence the species is still alive.
One week ago, McDonald found a footprint similar of one an A. Ogre would leave, at the edge of the river of the State Park,he said. The footprint had the species' typical shape and size; the Forensic Anthropology Center confirmed by comparing with the foot from an ogre of the same specie founded 7 years ago at a swamp,after all the testing strictly required from the US government both of the evidences matched perfectly.
Specialists were afraid of jumping into conclusion to soon but after receiving a photo from aMilwaukee security cam of a bank that shows the real ogre walking through the trees at night McDonald had not doubts about it because he was convinced the photo was genuine, so were his partnersColonel Sanders, Carl Jr. and Ms. Wendy.
The American Ogre grows to a height of about 6.5 feet, with a head that is small for its body. It eats fruit, meat and mushrooms. The species is believed to beaggressive, compulsive and when it comes down to food, it will not think twice on knock you down, grab your pretzel and leave running.
The American Ogre´s species was the victim of farmers whoseharvest was eaten by these, McDonald said. He has made several trips to those areas where it was frequently seen years ago, he found himself with all kind of legends about those lands and how this ogre wasa real threat to the citizen there. They all tell him about this same ogre that could have been the same of the photo. They said that it was known by the name of “Shrek” because of his hideous smell...
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