Convenios y tratados internacionales en el peru

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This monograph treats of the not healthy nourishment that it she crosses our district of Window one of the reasons mas important is the poverty that crosses some of the communities. Theconsequences can be the extreme obesity and the anemia.

why do we say the not healthy nourishment?
Because the not healthy nourishment, it is the result of a scanty nourishment andabundant show restraint one scraps, that is to say, it happens when the body does not receive the sufficient quantities of the basic nutrients, this is, the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins,minerals and water.
The bad(wrong) nourishment is an evil that acquires alarming proportions and where the consumption of the nutrients this one below the minimal levels recognized by the WorldOrganization of the Health (O.M.S)

YOU CAUSE: With regard to your question the first reason is the poverty, the economic difficulty to be able to acquire all the food necessary for a balanced diet, thedisinformation(misinformation) with regard to the diets that are considered to be healthy, the pace of current life often does not allow the necessary time the persons to deal with a good nourishment, thepopularity of the consumption of the food scrap stimulated by the massive mass media. These they all are to my criterion, some of the reasons favor the bad(wrong) nourishment. The food is not aprize, is not a punishment, and neither it is necessary to to be an alleviation to the tensions of a person. The food must take place, his(her,your) hour, and his(her,your) control. . The big persons incharge for the overweight of a child are his(her,your) parents, those that determine what is consumed in the house. Normally, be for the mistakes, obsessions, or for the ignorance and ignorance ofhis(her,your) parents, the children consume more food quantity from which they need, and his(her,your) nourishment is very rich in fats, azúcares, present in big quantities of meat, in food precocinados,...
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