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English conversation
Six friends are in a park
Tona: listen talles go play videogames

Daniel: is well

Daniel: hi friends

Tona: but I will only pay one hour

Daniel: Look there are our friends

Tona: oh yeah hello friends

Daniel: hi friends

Ruben: Hello, come here

Pinelo: yes, you come here

Victor: yes, sit

Roger: Tell us, as has been

Daniel: Well, with somepersonal problems, but I'm happy

Ruben: and as you do in school

Daniel: Well, I have good grades and is the last year I have left, and you?

Ruben: Well, I have some problems with some subjects, and my partner Pinelo helping me, really

Pinelo: yes, it is a bit complicated subject so it helped to pass

Tona: I have a problem with the Spanish class

Diego: like I have a problem with asubject, but I try

Daniel: and why not ask for help from your peers or teachers

Diego: I do not like asking for help so I deal only

Roger: That's good but do not trust, you may need help

Diego: Well, I ask for help sometimes but not often

Roger: So it must be

Daniel: and Roger as you’re going with your studies

Roger: Well, I have no problem so I'm happy and you Victor?

Victor:I'm fine, no problem, I'm just thinking about where to study after

Ruben: I recommend you look at the technology to not go somewhere else

Victor: yes, I prefer to leave the city, learn about other parts and to study other specialty.

Roger: they especially want to study?

Victor: I want to study astronomy.

Roger: that well, I will continue studying computer science in technologicalPinelo: I think studying outside the city as well, to be more professional.

Tona: I want to study in the city of Chetumal marine biologist degree

Ruben: everyone has the right to choose where to study, I will study here in the technology, and you Diego?

Diego: I like it here in the technology; it takes money to study outside the city.

Pinelo: no big deal for me because I have theresources.

Ruben: and plans to consider?

Pinelo: same but in a more difficult level.

Ruben: Well, I far as I can learn.

Diego: I say the same.

Daniel: yes, you want to study learning

Tona: my parents support me but I don’t fail

Roger: the subject is complicated, we have to study hard.

Victor: Sure.

Daniel: well, I have to go, see you another day, bye.

All: have a nice day.Ruben: Well, now we gotta go.

Tona: see you later

Diego: yes, let's go.

Diego: up soon

Ruben: goodbye.

After Daniel is gone, the others will play games

Victor: Let's play halo Reach

Roger: Yes, let's play

Ruben: Yeah but only one hour

Victor: Ok, but let's go fast

Pinelo: yes you fast before occupying places

Victor: You're right we

Diego: this far?

Ruben:no, is three streets

Diego: okay
Arriving in video games friends are playing Daniel and Tona

Victor: Daniel, you do here?

Daniel: and you are doing?

Tona: if you came to do here?

Ruben: We come to play halo Reach

Tona: because don’t said nothing, we also come to play

Daniel: I said that, I also came to play

Pinelo: sorry, but we forget

Ruben: yes apology

Victor: yesapology, let's start playing
Everyone grabs their control and a friend were upset that he did not touch control

Diego: I do not touch control

Ruben: wait; when I lose I give you

Diego: ok

Everyone starts to play

Ruben: woow that good game

Victor: yes, it is best

Pinelo: Clear

Tona: I don’t like the game's graphics are very square

Daniel: Yes, but I will win

Ruben: Iwas never going to win

Daniel: we'll see.

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Conversación de ingles
Seis amigos se encuentran en el parque
Tona: oyes talles vamos a jugar videojuegos
Daniel: está bien
Tona: pero solo voy a pagar una hora
Daniel: mira ahí están nuestros amigos
Tona: oh si hola compas
Daniel: hola amigos
Ruben: hola, vengan acá
Pinelo: si vengan aquí
Víctor: si,...
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