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MILO: Hey toño, how are you?
TOÑO: Fine thanks, and you?
MILO: Me too thanks
TOÑO: Great, what are you doing?
MILO: Right nownothing, but i will do the homework later
TOÑO: We have homework?... Will you do me a favor?
MILO: Yeah sure, what is it?
TOÑO:I will leave to Zacatecas this weekend… but I’m not sure if I will get to school at time
MILO: OK … so?
TOÑE: Could you tell toteacher Gustavo that I will give him the homework later?
MILO: yes no problem… but you will still coming the next Monday right?TOÑO: I don’t know … I’m pretty sure that I will be late… but I don’t know if dorita will let me in
MILO: You could talk to her…maybe she will understand your situation
TOÑO: Yes I will talk to her… so what about you… what you will do this weekend?
MILO:Well my parents are going to leave the city… so maybe I will do a party…
TOÑO: Cool… who will you invite?
MILO: I won’tinvite people who I don’t know … I will invite just few people I guess
TOÑO: perfect… well I have to go now… I will see my girlfriendlater
MILO: Ok .. take care I will see you the next Monday
TOÑO: Don’t forget to say to teacher Gustavo that please
MILO:Don’t worry I won’t forget it… but you also don’t forget to do the homework
TOÑO: Nope, I won’t forget it
MILO: Well bye!
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