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Diana: Hi Sofia
Sofia: Hi Diana…You look sad… what happened?
Diana: I think my parents will make me study at home
Sofia: Well, it isn’t the end of the world. Home studying isn’t that bad.
Diana:Do you think so?
Sofia: Yes, for example some of the major advantages of home studying include the fact that some people learn better while in the comfort of their own home, it may be easier toaccess a computer, and someone can more easily stop to get a drink or something to eat.
Diana: But there are also disadvantages to studying at home, however, such as a greater chance for distractionsand a lack of access to resources found in a library.
Sofia: Many people prefer studying at home rather than studying in a library or workspace that is specifically set aside for individuals who needto study. This typically comes down to personal preference, as well as other obligations a person may have that require him or her to be home. In my opinion the biggest advantage to studying at home isthat some people simply learn better when in a comfortable environment. While sitting at a table in a potentially uncomfortable chair found in a library does work for some students, others may findthat being on a couch in their own home is preferable. Libraries and study labs may also have a number of other students in them, all trying to utilize the same resources simultaneously. This can makeit difficult to use a computer or other public device, especially near the end of a school term, and someone’s computer is typically easier to use while studying at home. Someone studying at home canalso typically start and stop more easily, especially for breaks to get something to eat or drink. At home, a person may be able to simply walk into the next room and get some food. While studying ata library, however, it is likely that someone would have to pack up his or her study materials and leave the building completely to find something to eat.
Diana: But there is a huge increase of...
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