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Once upon a time a ten years old boy who lived in Los Angeles suffered an estrange “illness” that changed his life forever. The boy’s name was Diego.
Diego lived with his parents and his oldersister. He was a normal boy who used to go to school, play with his friends, read books and all these stuff that boys do. Diego loved Halloween. It was his favourite part of the year, of course after hisbirthday.
Every year, a few days before Halloween, Diego started planning a costumes party. All the boys and girls at school said that Diego’s Halloween party’s been the best party for years. Afterfew years that party turned into a tradition. The most important thing was that if you don’t had a costume you couldn’t get into the party.

Diego loved to go to the forest at night with his friendsto scared people. But one Sunday night the things started to turn very strange. In the way back to home Diego thought that it was a great idea to hide and scared his friends. But not everythingresulted as he was expecting. While he was waiting for the perfect moment to scream, a wolf bit his leg. It wasn’t a very big bite, but of course it was hurting him. His friends took him to his house andthey called the doctor to check the hurt. The doctor said that it was nothing and that Diego was OK.
The next day Diego felt amazing and nothing hurt him. When he woke up and walk toward the bathroom hestopped in front of the mirror and shouted. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was covered with hair; his teeth went bigger, also his nose and his ears. He looked just like a wolf man.
Likethe day of the party was getting closer everyone thought that it was Diego’s costume and they said that it was incredible because he seems like a real wolf man. Diego was happy about what the boys andgirls were saying, so he decided to keep his secret for his own.
That night while he was sleeping, a huge spider climbed to Diego’s bed and without waiting it bit him. He didn’t feel anything, so...
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