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Culture is a word that does not have just one meaning. Many researchers have tried to define this word through history. According to the Cambridge Dictionary the word culture is “the way of life,especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time”, it can also be defined as a system of building people’s identity or “culture is not one of life’sluxuries, it is life itself”. What we have in common in the definitions is that culture is included in life because it covers: language, politics, economic systems, traditions, behavior, clothing and foodbut there are also thing of culture that we cannot see as values, communication styles, norms, believes and attitudes.

Culture is holistic because we can see it almost everything we do in our lifeeven without noticing it. People develop culture since they are born because since that time first human acts are a result of the imitation to adults for example we learn from our parents, friends andteachers we learn it from the interacting with other people. Culture is changing all time and because of several reasons such as influences from other cultures or new generations.

Culture justexist with an individual, it cannot exist by itself. Culture is on people’s mind and it forms several links with communication. Culture is formed by shared perceptions of the meaning of symbols, thisprocess involves a large group of people that form a culture.Small groups of people also have their own traditions values, norms, beliefs, clothing and attitudes that also are a culture, they can beconsidered as a subcultures of a big group, for example gay communities, people with disabilities, people living with a certain religion, ethnics or academics.

Cultures have their own perception ofgood and evil, also of what is true and what is false. There is where values and beliefs of different cultures act, because they are judgments of what is right or wrong, an appropriate behavior is...
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