Dark child

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Carolina Maria de Jesus was experiencing the poverty in Minas Gerais, a rural community where her parents were sharecroppers she was experienced a bad economical situation to extreme poverty she stopped attending school by the second grade, but she went long enough to learn how to read and write. Little did she know at the time, thesethings would play a very important role in her life as an adult her life was always full of problems and things to do to sustain her family as a single mother, all her neighbors were mad about her life cause she was not having a life with vicious as alcohol, drugs when her mother dies she was forced to emigrate to sao Paolo her job was collecting paper and trash and this can show to us how is the badgrade of poverty that she was living, carrying her sons and carrying a lot of bills to pay. Her story shows also the incredible extreme of the poor people in sao Paolo living in shacks and how she says the poor people has not time to sleep and to relax. She was not really well educated but instead of this she never goes throughout problems or social problems. On this kind of places to live whereshe was living the extreme poverty. “THE POLITICIANS PROTECT THE FAVELARDOS” (13) this is a point of view of Carolina about the politician’s only show up here during election campaigns. When the politics are in campaigns they spent time with the citizens there and the reason is the votes and the huge poor community there they left a good impression there and when he won he did not do anything forthe favelados he doesn’t visit the people that he promised. Another interested point of view about how does she classify sao Paolo was the governor palace is the living room. The mayor’s office is the dining room and the city is the garden. Why does she catalog Sao Paulo as it. This for me means the classic corrupt government in Latin American and south American countries the treat of thegovernment to the people the things that the politicians are doing and how day by day they are losing the credibility of the people, how the campaigns are moving the people throughout one side to another as if they were sheep but the politicians they don’t know how the people is growing with this problem and at the same time they are growing up with this regrets about the government and the governmentdon’t know how big is it problem cause one day of this they can get a rebellion against the corruption on their governments. Carolina was always a woman wondering why she can’t lead this kind of life and do something about the future and start to fight against this problem.
Sometimes she started to feel bad and without gains to keep working hard and losing her interest on life the point of view fromher about the politicians every day were the same just promises in order to improve their living conditions asking for their votes promising freeze prices. The democracy loosing is followers in the country the democracy is weak and the politicians are very weak “EVERITYHING THAT IS WEAK DIES ONE DAY” (16). Searching for the leader who has the ability with pity and friendship for the people. Thosewho govern the countries are those rich wealthy well educated persons and they abuse about those skills that they have they never understand how the poverty is in real life. The social service never helps those marginations societies as is well knew in Latin countries. The elections time in Latin and south Latin countries is a big disaster the candidates never learn the lesson about their promisesbut the worst thing is that the people still believing on them. One bag of rice one bag of beans can be the cost of one vote but the people do not realize the long term because this can be the short time because one or two weeks they have enough food for their families but what about the long and midterm.
The favelas may once have been urban wastelands, but over the past two decades favelados...
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