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HP Data Protector Software

Used by more than 37,000 customers worldwide, HP Data Protector provides automated backup and recovery of physical and virtual servers from disk or tape. HP Data Protector scales from single server deployments to heterogeneous enterprise environments with even the most stringent recovery objectives. It offers the simplest andmost affordable licensing model on the market, and can save customers up to 70 percent over competitive solutions. HP Data Protector is an important component of the rapidly growing HP Software portfolio, and an integral part of the HP Business Continuity and Availability (BC&A) strategy. Data Protector also features powerfully unique integration with HP StorageWorks disk arrays, providing customerswith advanced protection for business- and mission-critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, and Exchange, as well as centralized replication and snapshot management.

What's New
Granular recovery driven by the application administrator Data Protector Granular Recovery Extension for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is the only backup software product that enables SharePoint administrators to restoresingle documents, directories or collections, or entire sites directly from the SharePoint GUI - without assistance from the backup administrator. Improving Support for Virtualization Data Protector 6.1 now offers enhanced support for VMware and Hyper-V environments, through a fully integrated application agent. With this new application agent, the user can initiate or schedule a snapshot-based,on-line backup of virtual machines at any time - and it can all be managed through the Data Protector GUI. HP Data Protector Software also supports several other virtualized environments, such as Citrix XenServer, Sun Solaris Zones, and HP Integrity VM. For Citrix XenServer, users can load the Data Protector agents directly on the virtual machines for application-level backup and recovery, orinstall the agent on a proxy server - enabling online or offline snapshot-based backup and recovery. And with other virtualization platforms, such as HP Integrity VM and Sun Solaris Zones, users can load a Data Protector agent directly on the hosting OS - enabling SAN-based backups, and enabling robust disaster recovery by providing the capability to protect and restore an entire VM withcrash-consistent, snapshotbased backups at the click of a button. So… choose your hypervisor, and Data Protector will be there to back you up! Optimizing Storage Capacity With HP Data Protector 6.11, you can now optimize the storage capacity of your environment in a number of ways. The synthetic and virtual full features of Data Protector are unique in the industry, and offer a seamless way to consolidate aseries of incremental backups on to virtually any disk or tape-based media destination quickly and easily. Best of all, this can be accomplished without placing any additional burden on the network, or on the systems themselves. For virtual tape libraries offering de-duplication capabilities, Data Protector takes full advantage of those features allowing companies to store up to 50 times as much datain the same amount of disk space (see:, and click "Support Matrices" for the latest list of supported devices). And with products like the HP Virtual Library System, Data Protector achieves a tighter level of integration than any competitor through its newly added support for the Smart Copy feature. This new feature provides automated and transparent movement of databetween the VLS and physical tape libraries.

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Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

HP Data Protector Software

From licensing and support pricing, to automated agent installation and easy-to-use software, HP Data Protector has always led the industry in delivering an enterprise solution with extremely...
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