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Make A 90-Day Commitment

Outline For The Program
• The first part of this program, we will be working on theory, practice and doing a lot of exercises up here onstage • The second part of the program, we will be hearing from a bunch of my special guests who will share all kinds of different secrets and techniques with you

Tough Love
• The story of a guy who came up to me after theseminar to ask a question • Before answering, I had to address his appearance, gestures and voice tone • The letter I received after • We’re going to give you some “Tough Love” • Seek out more in life

The Language Of The Body
• In what ways is the word “apple” different from an actual apple? • In what ways is a piece of paper money different from a solid gold coin? • In what ways is body languagedifferent from other “languages”? • I’d like to suggest that the words “body language” distract from the reality of the situation; that BODY LANGUAGE isn’t as much a “language” as a method of DIRECT COMMUNICATION • If you understand the language of the body, you can communicate WITHOUT language… and your communication will be ten times more powerful • You’ll also be able to READ communication…again, ten times better, faster and more accurately • A mastery of the language of the body will give you a huge advantage in dating and in life

How To Think About Body Language
• It's funny when we speak of "body language", because the reality is that the word "language" implies abstracting things, ideas or concepts into symbolic things like words • The language of the body is the real thing;it's the original way, the actual direct route... the direct communication… and when we speak of "body language“, it implies that it's something you have to learn • I believe that the language of the body is really the universal language... it's the direct way of communicating and being communicated with
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How To Think About Body Language
• If we didn't HAVE language, we would havegrown up developing and fine-tuning our ability to read and interpret subtle cues from others, as well as our ability to communicate using our bodies, facial expressions, voice tones, etc. • Because we DO have language, which leads to culture, ideologies and other distracting things, we've forgotten or never realized that we have a built-in, hard-wired, natural system for communicating and beingcommunicated with on this level... or channel • Women are far better than men at communicating with body language and reading body language


Body Language Vs. Words
• According to Albert Mehrabian, in his Psychology Today article, of a total message:
– 7% is conveyed by the words – 38% by the voice tones – 55% by facial and body expression

Body Language Is The Most ImportantAspect Of Communication
• If your body language isn’t on point, nothing you do or say will make her feel attraction for you (unless she can’t see you)… • Everything you do will weird her out… • Nothing you do will make her feel ATTRACTION… • On the other hand, if your body language IS on point (and you understand how attraction works), it doesn’t much matter what you say, because you can sayalmost anything and have it lead to attraction

The Objective Is Not…
• To be perceived as “nice” and “friendly” • To impress her • To win her approval • To fit in • To not make waves • The objective is ATTRACTION…

Let’s Keep Our Objective In Mind…
• Attraction! • Spark attraction • Taking the correct steps to amplify attraction • Bridge from one step to the next • Communicate “all the rightthings” about your INNER self • Trigger unconscious attraction response • Amplify attraction and sexual feelings

• Dependence is not an attractive quality in men • Most men communicate on every level that they depend upon the woman • For our current discussion, we’re going to focus on body language • How can you communicate independence with body language? • Don’t follow the...
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